Monday, May 11, 2009

My Birthday Celebration

So I turned 2 on Friday. I celebrated with just my family. Mommy said that I'll get my birthday cake on June 6th at Pug Meet-Up, so I can share with my friends.
Here's me posing in my Birthday bandana:

Here are the Birthday treats Mommy got me:

Here's me eating my treats:

Mommy also got me this really cool rug. It's made from boiled wool, so it's safe for me to chew on. I love to chew on the nubbies that are sticking out. Ladies from Nepal made it, so my birthday present also provided them with money for their families.
My other present is a very colorful Catepillar. I love chomping on the legs. I also love that it's bigger than me, so I feel big and bad when I beat it up.

Mommy also shot some video. The first one is of me getting my rug. And the second one is of me getting my catepillar.


  1. Apollo - What a great birthday you had. I love your rug and the ladies in Nepal would thank you personally if they could.

    My birthday is in 2 days and I heard Mom and Dad talking about a gift for me earlier today. I wonder what they are getting me.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Happy birthday, Apollo! We're sorry we're going to miss your cake at Meetup...we're going to Pugpalooza in Kentucky and it's the same day as the Meetup! We haven't seen you in too long :-(
    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse

  3. You go, buddy! Show that caterpillar who's boss!!!

    PS We'll be at that palooza thing, too. :(

  4. hi apollo!
    oh what a fabulous birthday you pawrents threw for you!
    we love all of your gifties!
    happy birthday again!
    m & e