Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wetlands Trail with Duke (& Laz)

Hi Everyone, I've had a visitor at my house. His name is Duke, and he's a long-haired mini Doxie. He stayed with us while his family went on Spring Break. My Momma and his Dad work together. Even though the weather is cold right now (it's snowing!), we did get a couple nice days. So Momma and Dad took us on the Wetlands Trail. The trail is so much prettier in the summer when everything is green. But we were just happy to get out.
Oops, Duke went off the trail! I think he got thirsty.

Ewww, smell that country air! (There were cow pastures nearby.)

Isn't this a good picture of my foster brother, Lazarus? He was really enjoying himself too!

Yep, I went off the trail too. It wasn't cause I was thirsty...I just love the water!

Hey - there's critters down there!

Until Next Time! Apollo...Out!


  1. hi apollo and lazurus!
    wow! what an adventure you had with duke!
    your 3 are brave!
    i love all of your photos! :)
    a & m

  2. Hi boys! What kind of critters did you find? Hope they were nice critters...oh and it smells like cows where I live too!


  3. You and Lazarus are looking awesome! We are city pugs, but like seeing your wildlife adventures.

  4. Hey, bud! Looks like y'all had a great time. Laz is looking good, too!

    PEE S: Tell that long-haired hippy, Duke, tuh git a haircut.

  5. Dear ApolloPants, this here is your good pal Howie. It looks like yew had a great day, splashin and gettin all muddy and then you probably got to pee on all sortsa stuff too. I'm glad you said hello on my bloggy. I would like to come live with you and lead a life of adventure, one where my bossy sister is not always tellin me wutt to do. Send me your address. I am out fronta the house with my thumb out.
    Your good pal,

  6. What a wonderful hike you guys had

  7. That looked like lots of fun! Wasn't the water cold? Laz is looking great. Hope he finds his perfect family soon!