Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Gates

My Mommy puts a baby gate across the door to her and Daddy's bedroom. She says it's okay for the kitties to go in, but not me. I think it's unfair, but she says she doesn't like my hair in her bed. Whatever! Anyways, last night I heard a big boom and then a pitiful meow. Then I heard Daddy laugh hysterically. I've never heard him laugh as hard as he did. Mommy made some weird noises too. She was half laughing but sorta crying. I was really worried, but Mommy explained to me what happened. She said after she put Tootsie and I to bed (when she does that, she puts another baby gate across the door of my room), she forgot to remove the baby gate across her bedroom. But she still had the door almost closed (left enough room for the kitties to get in). Anyways, my dumb kitty brother, Aristotle, apparently jumped over the gate and flew face first into the door. What a dumb arse! Who doesn't notice a big door? All I know is, he's never gonna live this down. I'm going to tease him unmercifully. Haha...big oaf!


  1. Aristotle the OAF!

    HAHAHA...that made us laugh!!!

    My brother calls me "Oaf Loaf" when I'm all loafed up on his lap!

    Hope Aristotle is ok and didn't smush his face too badly!

  2. Hi Apollo-

    Cats can be sooo CRAZY sometimes!! Don't feel bad about not being allowed in your mom's bed. I have that same stupid rule at my house:( WHATEVER!!