Monday, March 16, 2009


This is my first blog, and I'm really excited about it...a little nervous as I don't know what I'm doing...but still excited. Mommy said this is my journal where I talk about everything going on in my life. So I thought as my first post, I should talk about my first day in my new house. Saturday the movers came and took everything out of my house. I didn't understand where everything was going. At first I thought they were stealing from us, but Mommy and Daddy didn't seem mad. And then Mommy put me, my Cockapoo sister (Tootsie), my Persian brother (Aristotle), my Himilayan sister (Aluna), and my Blue Russian sister (Ariyana) in the car. It was very crowded and seemed like a long drive. We arrived at a house, and Mommy let us run loose around the house! The house is sooo much bigger than our old house. Tootsie and I even get our own room. We have a pink wingback chair to sit in, our beds, tons of chew toys and stuffed animals in crates, a dresser filled with drawers of treats, chew toys, and food, and a closet with our clothes. Mommy said she stocked up on treats from my favorite place, Bella Dog Bakery.

Yesterday Daddy put up a fence so I can run around without a leash. At first I didn't know I was free to run, but I figured it out pretty quickly. Mommy said I spent hours just sniffing and marking my territory. But I told her that I was just claiming what was mine. The backyard has a big deck. Mommy said she's going to get a swing, so I can snuggle with her out in the sunshine. I can't wait!

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