Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I would like to wish my Mommy a big Happy Birthday today! She is now 28 (I can say that since she says she's not old yet). My Daddy said she's sad and is having a crappy birthday, because her friends are fighting. So when she gets home from work, I'm going to offer her some of my favorite biscuits, give her lots of licks and sneezes, and try to not throw up any hairballs (I like to lick the carpet and rugs). I also want to give her some warm and fuzzies by sharing some of my fave pics of us.

(Waterfall on the Leonard Springs Trail in Bton, IN)

(Boating on Lake Griffy in Bton, IN)

(Fountain Steps)

(Leaving the house for work [Take Your Dog To Work Day {wearing shirt and tie by Punchy}])

(At my 21st Bday Party at Oliver Winery [with gift from Pugsley & Lola])

Happy Birthday! I love you Mommy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogger Party Weekend

Hey Guys,

So my Mom and I finally figured things out. Like the new header picture? So I think we're on a technology roll, because we managed to get all the pictures from this last weekend uploaded onto snapfish, a new online photo album thing that she signed up for. She took over 200 pictures! There were several that she ended up deleting, because they didn't turn out (weird lighting).

What an awesome weekend! Salinger and Pugsley finally tied the knot in a memorable ceremony performed by the Rev Sarah (Hank & Molly's Mom). We did a big play date in the park at Indy Pug Meet-Up. And we went to a big bash afterwards at the Pug Posse house. It was so wonderful meeting and spending time with all our out of state blogger buddies!!!

* I'm not able to do a whole big post about the weekend right now, but I want to at least get the web link on here so that people can view the pictures and save the ones they want.
- Link to the "wedding" album:
- Link to the Indy Pug Meet-Up (with guests):
- Link to the Pug Posse Blogger Bash:

* (Mom here) - These are edited links. The first time I posted with an invalid link (I thought I could just copy and paste the web link from my main page [thanks for the correction Punchy]. But I finally figured out how to generate a link for people to view the picture albums, although it has to be a separate link for each individual album. So hopefully this works now.

~ Apollo