Monday, January 10, 2011

I'll Miss You STUBBY!

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, a dear friend of mine, Mr. Stubby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday. He spent the last several months of his life in pain, so I'm happy that he's in a place where he can run and play without feeling any pain. However, I'm very sad that he's no longer physically here with us. I'm going to miss his very educational blog posts, his mouth-watering Popeyes meals, and most importantly - his friendship. I sure did learn a lot from him. You can read about the great example he set in Salinger's blog post tribute. My heart breaks for his pawrents, because he was their only child, and I know they're hurting so much. But Stubby touched the lives of so many, which is very evident in his passing with all of those bloggers who have blogged a tribute post. I hope his pawrents read these posts and find comfort in knowing how much all of us care.

Here are a collection of pictures, of all the fun times I've had with Stubby.

I first met Stubby when him and his pawrents came to the Indy Pug Meet-Up in June 2009. The first picture is of Stubby and his Mom. The second picture is of Stubby, his Mom, me, my Mom, Salinger, and his Mom.

The next time Stubby and I hung-out was at his house this past summer.

This first picture is when we first got there, and we were plotting all the trouble we were going to get into during my visit.

Then Stubby gave me a tour of his yard.

Stubby showing me his favorite potty spot...

I was ready to take a break in the shade, but Stubby wanted to sunbathe.

I told him that instead of tanning, he was going to be shedding. Told you so!

Then it was time to plot our next move.

Stubby showed me his stuffies

Then Stubby went and sat with my Dad to catch the last bit of the game.

Then I gave Stubby the present I had for him. He went a little crazy for the foodables.

After all that exitement, Stubby and I started getting tired. And since Stubby was at the age where he took more frequent naps, he completely passed out, like snoring passed out.

The last time I spent time with Stubby was when he came to Indy Pug Meet-Up and the Pug Posse's After-Party for the Pug Blogger's Reunion this past October.

Even though the Meet-Up was pouring rain, it didn't dampen our spirits. Stubby's health was declining at this time, so he spent the time cuddled up with his pawrents while watching his younger Puggy friends frolick about.

At the Pug Posse's party, he kindly let his Dad give some head rubs my way.

Stubby - I love you buddy! You'll be missed! Enjoy the endless Popeyes on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge!