Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lazarus Update

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to do a quick post of an update on my foster brother, Lazarus. It's amazing how far he's come.

Lazarus has finally met his target weight – at 22.4 pounds! His tail is nice and fluffy. And he finally shows some personality. When he gets really happy, he’ll wag his tail so hard that his whole body moves, and he practically falls over. When he gets really excited, he’ll spin wildly in circles. He loves to chew on Flossies, play with stuffed animals (especially the silky ones with appendages), and steal my sock monkey bed. Not only has Laz learned how to sit nicely for a treat, but he’ll go over to where the treats are kept and sit and look up expectedly.

Lazarus has been neutered, is no longer anemic (he misses the liver and beans, but Mom and Dad don’t miss the gas!), but is still fighting a stubborn UTI. He has just started the heartworm treatment too. We were explicitly told that he has to be kept quiet and calm, but that it'd be easy to do so starting out, because he'd feel so crappy from the injections. Not! When he came home from the vet, he was so hyper! Even in his crate he'll spin around as fast as he can.

Laz has a long road to recovery still, but has made amazing progress thus far.

Coming soon will be a post on our winter wonderland...