Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Photo Shoot

Guess what everyone! I was in my first photo shoot! They had the white paper, the two umbrella lights, and Mr. Mark was flashing his camera non-stop while Miss Carole was squeezing this stupid squeaky toy. I did have to wear stupid pink bunny ears, though. :( Mommy took me to London Dog, here in B-ton, for Easter photos. She's going to hang the 5X7 in my room, and put a 4X6 in her office. She got an extra 4X6 in case my Grampy or Aunt Kati will take one. (They think my Mommy is too crazy over me.) Mommy didn't know, but I was peeking at the things she bought. She got me stuff for my Easter basket! :)


  1. Hi Apollo-

    I can't wait to see the pictures from your photo shoot!!! Gotta love Bunny Ears:) NOT!!!!! BOL

    Have a great Hump day!!!

  2. OOOHHHH We can't wait to see this!!!!