Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NOT a Wordless Wednesday

Wow, there's so much to catch up on, I don't know where to begin.  This post would be too long if I started at the beginning.  So let's start with the most recent holiday - Halloween.

I went to London Dog's Yappy Hour for the costume contest.  Mommy made me be a stupid monkey - and a regular one at that (could've at least been a flying monkey).  Here are a couple pictures of me and my monkey costume.

I did win a stuffed doggy!  It made the dressing up worth it.

Mommy had a Halloween party at work.  I wasn't allowed to attend.  :(  But Mommy did show me the veggie skeleton she made.  How cool is that?  Mommy dressed up as an Angel and Daddy a Devil.  Daddy said "Talk about a role reversal?"  I'm not sure what that means....but Mommy slapped Daddy after he said that.

Stay tuned for my next post of Harry's Visit to Indy!


  1. Hi Apollo! I love your monkey costume. You look very cute in it and I love how it has a banana, too.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Apollo, buddy.....yer new banner pitcher is really cool!

    An' that skeleton veggie tray is almost too cool tuh eat. ALMOST.

    PS Yer mom IS an angel!

  3. Apollo, we like your monkey costume. That veggie skeleton is pretty cool.

  4. A monkey, huh? You know, there were (notice the past tense) a lot of banana costumes around this year! Thanks for sharing your Halloween and great that you won a stuffie!!

  5. Hi Apollo! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Since Mom was so worried she kinda forgot our consequences.... So we are OK for treats Love, Gen & the Foo

  6. hi apollo!

    oh you make a wonderful monkey! how cute!
    we love your mom's veggie skeleton! how fun and creative!
    have a super day!
    m & e

  7. Hi Apollo! I hope you had a great Christmas and we want to wish you a happy New Year! We miss you!

  8. Your Monkey costume is cute, but I prefer the picture of you on the rock (oh my you're hot)!