Friday, March 11, 2011

KPR's "March in the Pugs" Event

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to recap the super fun time I had last weekend at Kentuckiana Pug Rescue's March in the Pugs event, the 1st of 5 BIG fundraising events that KPR puts on.

The first thing I did when I got there was look for my girlfriend, Maggie. She told me she'd meet me there. Here she is!

I made sure to greet her with a kiss!

Here's my buddy, Salinger. Did you know that he was my first Pug friend? We were both puppies and our Moms couldn't believe how much we looked alike. But not so much anymore...although Auntie Laura says I look like Sal's brother.

And here's lil Ellie! Some of you might remember her as Sally Brown, from the Peanuts Gang that was featured on the KPR Puppy Cam. Her Pug Mom couldn't take care of her and her siblings, so Auntie Annie hand raised them! (Momma apologizes for not getting pictures of Ellie's big brothers, Yoda & Brutus.)

And here's Rosie, from the Pug Posse. When she came into the rescue she was practically bald. And now look at her long and beautiful coat! The Pug Posse Mom did a great job nursing her back to health!

And here's another member of the Pug Posse, Bella! (Momma apologizes, again, for not getting pictures of the rest of the Pug Posse.)

Here's Salinger's life partner, Pugsley! He is so photogenic.

And here's his sister, Lola!

Here is Jeff Saturday (and his Mom, Julie)! He was one of Sassy's puppies. They were the first litter of puppies to be born in KPR. One of his littermates is Kiki, a fellow Pug Blogger.

Here's lil Minnie! She's one of my friends from Indy Pug Meet-Up.

Meet Murphie Jo! Her Mom, Liz, is a new KPR volunteer. We all got to work together at the KPR Pugs in the Kitchen treat table.

This is Mimi. My Momma did a KPR rescue to pull her from a puppymill. We're so glad she got adopted by another KPR volunteer, because that means we get to see her a couple times a year.

This is Napoleon. My Momma did a KPR rescue for him too. As soon as him and his siblings were born, they were taken from their mother, because the owners wanted to show them off. Most of his siblings died. He made it, but because he didn't get his mother's milk, his eyes didn't develop properly, and now he's blind. When Momma first got him, he was a tiny puppy that fit into the size of her hand. Now he's 4 months old and much bigger.

The beginning of the event started with the foster parade. My foster brother, Lazarus, kicked off the parade. (Sorry for the poor photo quality. Since Momma was walking him, Daddy had to do the picture taking.)

The day was filled with many different contests. My favorite is the costume contest. Check out some of these costumes:

Here's Lilo, getting ready for the group costume contest.

And here's Pugsley from the Pug Posse, getting ready to the do the group costume contest too.

Lilo and Pugsley are Gidgit and Moondog! They are riding in their Buick, ready to surf some waves! I think they were the winners too! Congrats Lilo and Pugsley!

Ellie did the Under 1 Pug Race. She was the winner (and the only contestant)! Even though she got side tracked (must have smelled some foodables), she did manage to cross the finish line.

Momma took Laz out of the Adoptable Pug Pen to do the Banana Eating Contest, since bananas are his fave. If he woulda ate the banana like he does at home, then he probably woulda won. But he actually chewed up each mouthful!

Momma entered me into the Biggest Pug contest. But apparently they judged biggest wide instead of biggest tall.

Since Laz was shedding his undercoat, Momma entered him in the Best Shedder contest. He won by a landslide! The judges were laughing, because Momma was pulling CLUMPS of hair out at a time.

Laz loved his prize (PB cookies, Pork Chomp chew, and a STUFFIE). Here are a couple pictures of him playing with his stuffie when we got home.

One of the booths at the event is the Pugs in the Kitchen dog treat bakery. All of the treats are homemade, by KPR volunteers. So that way all of the money goes back to KPR to pay for vet bills. My Momma baked treats and worked the booth.

My Momma made Puggy Pina Colada Cookies! They have tons of coconut and some pineapple. Some humans even ate them, and said they taste like a macaroon. I don't know what those are, but I do know that these pina coladas are YUMMY!

Here I am, doing my part, by working the table. Does anyone want to buy some yummy homemade treats from me? We have Puggy Pina Colada Cookies, Pumpkin Bites, Peanut Butter Cookies, Blueberry Biscuits, Applesauce and Oatmeal Bones, Chicken and Rice Hearts, Cheesy Garlic Biscuits, Peanut Butter Puggies, Breath Mint Bones, and Puggy Pizzas.

Momma was worried I'd mess up the table, so she told me I couldn't stand on the furniture anymore. Phoey!

Here are all the wonderful Moms that baked all of the different types of yummy treats. From left to right there is: Danielle, Jessica, Liz, Vikki, Jami (my Momma), and Laura.

Here's one of the other KPR booths. PUGGO (like Bingo). Working the booth is: on the left is Denny, the Pug Posse's Dad. And on the right is Quincy, Murphie Jo's Dad.

One of the other cool booths was TwistNSketch. They will take a photo and draw it. Below is a drawing of Lazarus meeting Ellie, when she was only a five weeks old!

By the end of the event, Ellie was worn out! Here she is, asleep, in her Mom's (Cindy) arms.

After the event we went to the Pug Posse's house to have some pizza and hang-out. Hurry up Momma! I'm ready to go!

So there you have it - March in the Pugs 2011.


  1. Wow, what fun you had at the event -- and for a good cause, too! Thanks for all the pics of all the puggies!

  2. We want to live near you guys.....this looks like so much fun! The shedding contest is hilarious....Tuni would need to enter that one. COngrads Laz on the win.


  3. Hey, bud!

    Great job recappin' MITP!

    Sorry I dint git tuh hang with ya. My mom had tuh leave tuh git tuh some class.

    An' woulda won the tallest pug award fer sure!

  4. hi apollo!
    oh what a fabulous march in the pugs post!
    i loved seeing all of your wonderful photos!
    i feel like i was there too!

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  6. What a beautiful and fun looking event. Lots of friends that you made there. We hope you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the photos.
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