Friday, April 15, 2011

Hey Guys, So I don't know about where you are, but where I am we've been getting a TON of RAIN! When we finally got a break in the rain, and the sun was out, we decided to go hiking at one of the Sycamore Land Trust properties. Unfortunately we encountered this on our way. Dad walked up to see how deep it was to see if maybe we could drive through it...nope, not happening. So Momma got this brilliant idea to all get out of the car and check it out. She said there weren't any sewer water to be worried about that it was all water from the wetlands. The water was too cold for her, but I was having fun.

Then all of a sudden this giant dog wolf guy showed up. Apparently he lived at a nearby farm.

I invited him to come play in the water with me.

And I tried to pal around with his brother.

But then they both ganged up on me.

I finally had enough! And then the big wolf dog tried to violate my Momma, so I had to protect her. But my snarling scared my Momma, so she quickly threw me into the car. She said it was a good thing she did, because she thinks I would've been eaten. Whatever. In the video you can see that I'm telling big wolf dog to stay away from my Momma.


  1. What seems like a long pause of quietness, I'm actually growling. Apparently the sound didn't go over very well on the video.

  2. HAHAHAA! You show that WolfTurdHound who's boss!!!! totally fogged up the window! That's awesome!

    See you in a few weeks, buddy!


  3. Hola Apollo!
    You sure did show that WOlf !!!
    You are great guard Pug for your Mama.
    SPongy & Licky

  4. Appolo get em! That white wolfy dog needs to know pugs are the boss around here. The best part is you sitting in the back window hee hee.


  5. Apollo, buddy.....I have never been more proud.

    Sniff. 'Scuse me; I got somethin' in my eye.

    Anyhoo.....THAT is how it's done. I enjoyed watchin' that hairy neanderthal slink off.

  6. hi apollo!
    oh what a wonderful adventure in the water!
    you are a brave puggy!
    happy earth day!
    a & m

  7. Good job Apollo (such a hero!) Mom keeps spraying me but I say this called for some serious pug patrol!! xoxoxoxo

  8. Wow what an exciting adventure. You are brave.

  9. hi apollo!
    we just saw it was your birthday!

    happy happy birthday!
    have a wonderful day!

    a & m

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  11. Apollo! Your so cool doggie! you had a lots of Paw Friends. and you really look have fun playing with them. :)

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  12. Hi Apollo! It's me, Payton. We just met at Ellie's first birthday party. You are an awesome pug, and your sister Athena is a cutie! My mom wants to apologize for not officially introducing herself to your peeps. Hope to see you around!

  13. Hi Apollo.... April? Really? You couldn't manage to get your human (who I assume is helping you due to your lack of thumbs) to update the bloggy??? :p

  14. amigo! Você falou muito sério com ele para que não machucasse sua mamãe!!
    tá certo!
    Mas que cachorrão! parece um urso!!!
    Lindo, mas tem jeito de mal!
    Não é nada bom!!!
    Seu video está engraçado!! Eu entendi tudinho!!!
    Você parece ser muito bravinho e divertido!!!
    Gostei de você!!!!
    E do seu bloguinho tb!!!
    Eu tenho um vc quiser vou adorar sua visita lá!

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