Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MIA Time-Out

I am so sorry I've been MIA. I've been super busy helping Mommy and Daddy get ready for their wedding. I had to shed white hair all over the red carpet just to get them to vaccuum the floor, so there would be clean carpet for them to put presents on. I had to tear up some things so they could ask for some new things on their registry.

So anyways, I'm going to catch you all up on what's been going on the last couple weeks. Then I'm going back to being MIA until the wedding is over. Who knew a wedding was so much work!

So Mommy has spent several days doing an inspection of Bradford Woods. In one of the private residences she found this! A PUG! And he was a rescue! Her professionalism completely melted away. I was told that she started baby talking, was down on all fours trying to kiss him, and his owner said "Wow! No one has ever greeted him that enthusiastically before!" Get this - His name is Pooper Skittles! (have no idea where that came from and don't wanna know)

Mommy had her Bachelorette Weekend in Chicago which is where her sister (my Auntie Kati) and her best friend (my Uncle Brandon) live. They asked her what she wanted to do, and my dorky Mommy said that she wanted to go to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science. Yes, she's a big Potter Head. Here's a picture of her in front of the flying car with her "Man of Honor" Brandon (in the pink) and his partner (my Uncle Shaun).

When they were driving home and stuck in traffic on Lakeshore, Mommy freaked out almost causing Uncle Shaun to wreck. Look! A PUG! Isn't she pretty?! (Don't tell my girlfriend Roxy I said that)

So last Saturday I did my monthly working for KPR (Kentuckiana Pug Rescue) at Bella Dog Bakery. We raised $25! And Bella Dog Bakery showed us this new ad they are going to start running - it features Pug Rescue!

Check it out! Me - a Pug, a Beagle, and a Puggle!

Here is me with the Puggle, Pugsley, with his Daddys.... Boy, my buddies Salinger and Pugsley would fit right in...hehe.

Here I am with this pretty girl Pug, Bailey, and her Mommy. Her Mommy gave me belly rubs. I really liked her.

Here's another picture of Bailey. Doesn't her "stuck on the side" tongue remind you of Clementine?

Look at this big dog that came in. I was like "whoa, you're a big feller."

Mommy made a new friend who is going to take a wedding picture of her and Daddy and draw a portrait from it, in exchange for some dog sitting. Mommy is really excited about this, because this lady has some beautiful work. And since they can't afford a photographer, a friend is taking pictures with a digital camera - so it would be nice to have a beautiful wedding portrait that they can hang in the living room. This lady is also going to draw portraits of me and Tootsie. So Mommy and Daddy are dog sitting for this lady's Pomeranians and their puppies.

Here is a picture of Gabby, the Mommy dog.

Here is a picture of Gibson, the Daddy dog. We love playing tag with each other.

Here are pictures of their babies! They were only 3 weeks old when these were taken. They had just opened their eyes. Aren't they adorable? Everytime they squeaked, I would whimper. I don't know why, but Mommy thought it was cute.

Mommy and I are going to try catching up on everyone else's blogs - but can't promise we'll make comments on them all. We're participating in the Take Your Dog to Work Day this Friday, so we'll have future pictures to share at a later date.


  1. Wow! That post wore us out just reading it!

    We wish we could go with Mommy to work, but her work won't let dogs work there! Stupid work :-b

    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse

  2. hi apollo!
    oh you all are so busy over there! we are so excited for your family and cannot wait to see pictures of everything. :)
    m & e

  3. goodness, sounds like you have been busy. We are looking forward to seeing all the pics! I wish mommy could take us with her on Friday, but she said that the dog haters, I mean human resource people, told her that it would not be allowed. Hope you have fun on Friday!!

  4. Hi! I heard Puggle and Chicago and had to pop in! After the honeymoon stop by my blog and meet all the crazy puggles.

    Happy Wedding. I am a photographer and have a service to edit images. So after the wedding, you can send me a disc of the best images you have. I photoshop them and post them on line for you and your guests to purchase from a professional lab. I charge $49 an hour. Depending on how much work is needed per image; I can do about 10 an hour.

    Or, if you have just one special one, I can apply my "Flawless Finish" to it and put it on line for you to purchase from my professional lab as a canvas wrap or a large print. I can embellish the image with your names or the date.

    I can also make a wedding album for you with the images that you have "as is" or apply my portrait finish at $49 an hour. They cost around $500 for printing.

    Just some ideas. I know how important the pictures are to a bride.

    If you look at Mr. Puggle's blog you will see some before and after pictures I did for some puggle people.

    Hope you have a lot of fun at your wedding. Remembering it in your heart is more important than any picture!

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Chicago.

    Jennifer-the lady that feeds Mr. Puggle

  5. WOW what a lot of cool stuff!!! We can't wait to hear updates after the wedding! Tell your mom to relax and enjoy the wonderful wedding!

  6. You are so lucky that you get to go to work with your mommy!! I have to stay home cause mommy's work won't let us in. Such a bummer!! We can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding.

  7. OH I agree that your lucky to go to work with your mom. Gee whats with our company!
    You have so much excitement in the air!
    Send more pics- there are FUN!
    THANK YOU for sharring

  8. Dang, Apollo, buddy! You and yer mom have been crazy busy! Great pitchers, too.

    Tell that mom o' yers my offer to sing at her weddin' still stands.

  9. what a busy weekend! I loved your mom's bachelorette weekend! it sounds as what I would have done if I had done something, but I just went and got married one friday afternoon. sigh...
    Oh and congratulations on the wedding!