Monday, June 1, 2009

Yappy Hour at London Dog

London Dog held their first Yappy Hour. Mommy took me so I could drink Bowser Beer while socializing/networking with some other elite doggies.

Here's a picture of me with this cool looking Pug Schnauzer. Mommy has no clue what that's called.

See, he even has the Cinnabon tail and Pug ears!

Here's a doggy enjoying his Bowser Beer. I think they served it out of a margarita glass to make it easier for us to partake.

Here are a couple of the doggies that came.

I was really liking the guy that was partly Pug.


  1. Maybe they're called Schnugs???? BOL!

  2. Apollo, buddy! This looks like my kinda place!!!! Do they serve PBR???

  3. hi apollo!
    oh my goodness how fun! you and your new friend have matching smiles too!

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