Monday, June 8, 2009

Pug Meet-Up w/Stubby! My 2nd Birthday Celebration! Hiking with Sully!

Wow! What a weekend! Better get your popcorn ready...

So I celebrated my 2nd Birthday at Indy Pug Meet-Up with all my Puggy Buddies. Tracey of Bella Dog Bakery made me this really cool cake. The cake is apple cinnamon and the bones are peanut butter. She made it so that each Pug gets a piece of cake with a bone. Mommy was happy that all the Pugs got a piece, but she got upset with one of the ladies that was there. After Mommy said bye to Salinger and Stubby's parents she turned around and this lady was picking the bones off and feeding them to me. (Mommy was planning on giving the rest of the pieces of cake to some of my other friends.) Mommy was like "What are you doing?" The lady said "I'm feeding Apollo his birthday bones." Mommy asked her to stop, so the lady started feeding them to Tootsie! Mommy tried telling her that we both had enough cake and that she didn't want us to get sick...but the lady thought that Mommy should have let us since it was my birthday. Anyways, my other friends had to have plain pieces of bones. :(

Here I am posing with my awesome cake!

One of my best buddies, Salinger, gave me this really cool present. It's a stuffie that has a plastic bottle in it so it crackles. You can see my Blue Devil Mousy and I got into it good.

Thanks Salinger! and his mommy, Laura!

Here I am at Meet-Up with my human cousin, Sully, and my canine sister, Tootsie. We're waiting for everyone to arrive.

Hey look, a Pug. Here's Ollie. It was his first time.

Hey Look, it's Stubby and his Mom! They came all the way from Chicago!

Here's Stubby with his Dad and Salinger with his Mom.

Here's Salinger with his human brother, Holden. Isn't this a great picture of the Duo!

Here's my girlfriend, Roxy, getting fed cake by her Mommy (who's pregnant). I don't think Roxy's happy about getting a sibling. She's an attention hog.

Sully was eating fruit snacks, and boy were some of the pug begging.

Here's all four of us (Salinger, Stubby, Tootsie, and I).

Here I am being held by Laura (Salinger's Mom). I just adore her. She's so pretty, makes great treats, and is a great kisser.

Here's our Blogger picture. We're missing more than half of the Indy Pug Bloggers.

So you would think my Mommy would let me have it easy after such an eventful morning...NOPE! When we got home we went hiking!
On the trail there was this deer skull. Sully thought it was cool. Mommy thought it was creepy.
Mommy thought it was just going to be an easy trail (since we had the kid), but after 2 miles she started wondering...then at 3 miles we hit the trail end which had a sign that said it wasn't a loop trail (couldn't they have said that at the beginning) we had to walk ALL THE WAY BACK! It ended up being a 6 mile hike!!!

So if I don't blog for awhile, you'll know why. It gave a whole new meaning to the word EXHAUSTED!


  1. Oh Apollo - I'm so sorry to hear about the cake incident. Too bad people don't listen to our mommies because they know best, don't they?

    Your birthday cake was simply delicious! And Salinger got me the same stuffie - I love it! Isn't he just the best little dude?

    I love how you can hike for 6 miles. I don't think I could even walk 6 blocks anymore so live it up while you can young dude! No rest for you because we have to see your smiling face every single day, so get back to blogging!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Apollo, buddy....I'm sorry I missed yer big day, pal. Mom was down in KY at Pugapalooza.

    Anyways, looks like ya had a great b-day! God fer you loggin' six miles o' hikin'! You da man!

    PS Mom is 99% sure she knows who the cake culprit is. Nuff said.

  3. HMMM!! I WONDER who could have been picking off the cake bones!!! ;-)

    LOVE your post! You are so sweet and you almost made mommy cry!

    We're glad you like your birthday crunchy bottle! Mine is a big ol bird and he's funny looking.

    Hope you had a great birthday Dude! See you soon!


  4. Hi
    Its me Tweedles
    The cake looked so marvelous. Too bad that lady did not go mind her own business.
    Woulda been nice if everyone had a bone. OH well.
    The present was terrific and all those wonderful pics you sharred with all those pugs, We wish we lived closer so I could come play with some pugs too. I am so jealous'

  5. hi apollo!
    oh what a wonderful celebration and cake!
    we wish we could have come to your party too!
    m & e

  6. What a pawesome cake!! We are jealous we didn't get a bite!

  7. We're sorry we missed your birthday! We were representing the Indy bloggers at Pugpalozza. Hope you had a gerat weekend and we're sorry that lady messed with your cake =( Shame on her!!!!!

  8. Apollo - I have something for you on my blog. Please stop by to pick it up.

    Stubby xoxo

  9. Hi Apollo that's an awesome cake! What a great birthday celebration! I need mom to be more careful on my birthday... I will ask for a big party at the beach!